Liquid Sunshine Tincture

Liquid Sunshine Tincture

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  Lineage: North America

  Per Bottle: 3.5g Psilocybin

  Activation: 15-60 mins

  Total Drops: 200

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Liquid Sunshine Tincture


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1 review for Liquid Sunshine Tincture

  1. Sarah Netalie

    Always the best service
    Always the best service! Everything was made with love and care and it shows! My favorite small business, and everything you need for a reasonable price (no matter the quantity, and it’s definitely quality)

    Will be supporting them for years to come!

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Product Description

Liquid Sunshine Microdose Tincture

Dial-to your best dose, one drop at a time. This lab formulated tincture is made to the very best popular and is designed to supply a consistent, correct dose, each time.


  • Enhanced mood
  • Increased creativity
  • Improved mental processing
  • Promotes growth of neurons and neuro pathways
  • Broadened awareness of self and surroundings


Each bottle contains 200 drops total

  • Light: 1-5 drops
  • Medium: 6-15 drops
  • Strong: 16-30 drops


10 ml Formulation | Per Bottle:

  • Psilocybe Cubensis Extract – 3.5 g
  • 90% Ethyl Alcohol


  • Store bottle in refrigerator
  • Consume within 3 months of opening