Euphoric Capsules

Euphoric Capsules

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Euphoric Capsules


  Lineage: North America

  Starting Dose: 1 Capsule

  Onset Time: 30 – 90 mins

  Duration: Microdose regimen specific

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1 review for Euphoric Capsules

  1. Brandon

    Mushroomifi you guys are fantastic best customer service, good quality products.

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Product Description

Buy Euphoric Capsules Online | MushroomiFi.

Expand your thoughts and increase your temper with our invigorating mixture of magic mushrooms and the mescaline-generating cactus, San Pedro. This particular system has been cautiously crafted to harness the thoughts-increasing homes of the Penis Envy mushroom and the uplifting, connective features of San Pedro.

Together, they function as effective methods to assist the stability of intellectual and emotional states. Both compounds are with ease dosed in approachable portions to mesh seamlessly together along with your day-by-day routine.


  • Elevated mood
  • Mental + Emotional balance
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Expanded self-awareness


50 mg Formulation | Per capsule:

  • Psilocybe Cubensis – 50 mg
  • San Pedro – 250 mg
  • Shilajit – 100 mg

Additional Information


10 pack – 200mg, 10 pack – 50 mg, 30 pack – 200 mg, 30 pack – 50 mg