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5-MeO-DMT, or 5-methyoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine, is a naturally occurring psychedelic alkaloid of the tryptamine class. The main psychoactive compounds in many plant species are based on the indole ring structure and are collectively termed “indoles.”

5-MeO DMT is a naturally occurring psychedelic tryptamine. It’s often cultivated from the bark of Virola pavonis trees, collected from South America and a few other locations around the world. It’s an odorless, white powder that can be taken orally, inhaled, or snorted. In small amounts, 5-MeO DMT offers a unique experience that has been described as “more out of body” than your typical high. But when consumed in larger amounts, it can lead to intense hallucinations that last up to 90 minutes.

5-MeO DMT Benefits |MushroomiFi.

5-MeO-DMT is a powerful plant medicine and visionary entheogen. It can be smoked, snorted or injected, and it


has been used for thousands of years by many indigenous cultures around the world. It has been referred to as ‘Mother spirit medicine’, and 5 MeO DMT induces intense experiences that can help you shed old patterns, beliefs, and behaviors – especially if used with intention.

It is classified as an entheogen, which means it induces a spiritual experience when taken. The psychedelic substance can bring about increased visual and auditory senses in addition to a feeling of being at one with the universe.

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