Dried Shrooms

Dried Shrooms

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Our dried magic mushrooms for sale are high-quality, guaranteed to be completely free of toxins, and grown in a sustainable environment. These magic mushrooms are odourless and tasteless, and begin to display their distinctive colour and flavour the further down the stem they grow.

Dried Shrooms are visually identical and have an awesome working chemistry just like “fresh” magic mushrooms. The dried magic mushrooms should be taken with a shaman, traditional healer or your trusted natural medicines professional. Rehydrating them and having their medicinal properties work on your body is one of the best things in the world.

Dried Shrooms Benefits.

Get a unique and effective way to make friends at a distance but also be able to offer them an alternative product they can use over and over while keeping in mind that they’re just not used to probiotics flora. This dried magic mushrooms for sale is the’ hand-crafted product, using no chemicals or fertilizers in order to preserve the environments living fungi including fungal spores.


Recent studies show that psilocybin, the key ingredient in shrooms, is an effective treatment for cancer. Our magic green shrooms have been consumed by generations of indigenous peoples, and continue to be a hot commodity among underground psychedelic societies. Once known as “magic mushrooms”, we’ve preserved the unique flavor of dried shrooms in an olive oil infusion. Whether you believe a trip to be enlightening or hallucinatory, our magic green shrooms will surely ignite your curiosity!

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Buy Dried Shrooms in bulk sealed bags. Fresh, free of dust, with no harmful chemicals. A small supply of dried mushrooms is a terrific gift for your loved ones. These are our highest quality shrooms, the best you can give to friends and family! Buy the dried mushrooms in bulk sealed bags, fresh and easy to store in your pantry or refrigerator. These are completely natural, completely clean, completely organic. Buy Now! The prices for these shrooms are very low compared to the dried varieties available at most grocery stores. You can buy from us the dried shroom in bulk labeled bags or in pure smoke compliant glass containers that you can use to preserve them if you don’t plan on eating them right away.”

We’ve heard your frustration and confusion in dealing with other dried shroom companies. Especially when you order online. You want to be sure the product you receive is what you’re looking for and it needs to be safe in shipping. With these products shipped by us, hopefully we can achieve these objectives.