Mexican Cubensis – Psychedelic Chocolate Bar

Mexican Cubensis – Psychedelic Chocolate Bar

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Mexican Cubensis – Psychedelic Chocolate Bar.

Lineage: South America

Each Square: 0.58g X 6

Total: 3.5g Dried Mushrooms

Duration: 2-4 hrs



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1 review for Mexican Cubensis – Psychedelic Chocolate Bar

  1. Joshua Weis

    Perhaps it’s just because this is the first time in a long time that I’ve actually paid attention to how I experience whenever I’m high. Or I’m Just a little high. In any case, I’m feeling fantastic right now. Amazing Stuff! 5 Stars!

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Product Description


This stress of Chocolate is complete to the West till it’s far unearthed with the aid of using the identical man or woman who finds out LSD withinside the Nineteen Fifties and has on the grounds become a global favorite.


3.5g Dri, ground Mexican Cubensis mushroom chocolate bar. 6 pieces, 0.58 gram active ingredient per square.


Visual distortions, enhance colors, lightness or giddiness, and powerful emotions. People also report feeling euphoric, spiritually in tune, and perceptive.


Psilocybin Mushrooms, Unsweeten Chocolate, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Non-GMO Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavour.

Mexican Cubensis – Psychedelic Chocolate Bar.

Trip Report.

Ingested 2 grams.

“My carpet is Chocolate swaying and respiratory and waving. I can see those waves upward push up withinside the carpet and glide out. I slightly make my manner to my mattress and positioned my playlist on Spotify. I lay on my mattress with my headphones and near my eyes. I allow the tune to take me thru those rooms of vivid colorings and architecture. Each sound creates a sedation and area and feeling. I is knowing the tale of every piece of music and why the artist made it. In a few instances it simply be a beat and black and white and the synthesizers create rainbows and fill the room. It becomes clearly beautiful.”

What Is Mushroom Chocolate?

Magic mushrooms – is also as shrooms, mushies, Amani, and philosopher’s stones – are domesticate mushrooms. These mushrooms incorporate a psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound name psilocybin, that’s first isolated in 1958 with the aid of using Swiss chemist Dr. Albert Hofmann, who additionally find out LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide).

Shrooms regularly seem like dri regular mushrooms with long, skinny stems which are whitish-gray. They generally have darkish brown caps which are mild brown or white withinside the center. Dried mushrooms have a tendency to be rust sedation with positive off-white regions.

Magic mushrooms may be eaten, blend with food, or brewed as tea for drinking. Mushrooms generally tend to create the most powerful excessive or “trip” while eating, however, their documented negative flavor has brought about heaps of recipes like mushroom chocolate. Mushroom chocolate refers to chocolate recipes that incorporate mushrooms. Mushroom chocolate bars are specifically not unusual place shroom-relate deserts that make it less complicated for customers to devour them.

Despite those new recipes, many customers fail to realize the risks of psychedelic mushrooms. Many customers don’t apprehend their ability for abuse and their capacity to have an effect on mental function. People with mushroom dependence regularly require detox and different kinds of care like our Philadelphia drug remedy programs to get better each bodily and mentally.

How Does Magic Mushroom Chocolate Work?

Magic mushrooms are hallucinogenic pills, which means they make customers see, hear, and sense sensations that appear actual but aren’t. Mushroom chocolate consequences are variable, however, and are regularly affected with the aid of using environmental factors. Magic shrooms have a protracted record of affiliation with religious experiences, awakenings, and self-discovery.

Many consider that herbal pills like mushrooms, marijuana, and mescaline are sacre herbs that permit humans to gain advanced religious states and awakenings. Others take those pills for the feeling of euphoria and warp notion they produce.

Mushroom chocolate, or magic mushrooms, includes psilocybin, that’s modified withinside the frame to psilocin.

Mexican Cubensis – Psychedelic Chocolate Bar
Mexican Cubensis – Psychedelic Chocolate Bar

after ingestion. Both compounds are hallucinogens that paint with the aid of using selling a loop of conversation among neurons, contributing to neurotransmitter launch. Additionally, psilocybin mimics a chemical referred to as serotonin, a neurotransmitter related to emotions of happiness and well-being that make contributions to the euphoric excessive that’s the not unusual place catalyst to psychedelic drug use.

Shrooms have additionally been proven to open up distinct regions of the mind which are generally inaccessible. It is thought that chocolate mushroom consequences paintings like automobiles on a dual carriageway. When someone ingests shrooms, similar to an automobile that can stray from the dual carriageway, it offers loose rein for humans to take distinct routes.

Despite the various methods those pills are used and taken, they may be Schedule I pills for a reason. Long-time period mushroom use can make contributions to diverse intellectual and bodily facet consequences. Drug use, in general, has a tendency to sell dating issues and makes it hard for humans to maintain their jobs. Drug abuse additionally will increase the hazard of volatile conduct and regularly opens the door to different kinds of substance abuse. If you or a person you understand is experimenting with substance abuse and is scuffling with addiction, our drug and alcohol rehab in Philadelphia can help.

Psychedelic Mushroom Chocolate Bars Effects

Chocolate mushrooms’ consequences are much like the ones of taking shrooms on their own. The psilocybin in shrooms converts to psilocin withinside the frame, generating a regulate feel of notion and different detrimental facet consequences. The consequences of chocolate mushrooms start around 20 to forty mins after ingestion and might last as long as 6 hours.

Psilocybin, discovered in mushroom chocolate and magic mushrooms, is transformed to psilocin withinside the frame after ingestion. Both are hallucinogens that make contributions to neurotransmitter launch with the aid of using growing a loop of conversation among neurons. Furthermore, psilocybin mimics serotonin, a neurotransmitter related to feelings of happiness and well-being that contribute to the euphoric excessive that may be a principal driving force of psychedelic drug usage.

Mushrooms have additionally been displayed to open up formerly inaccessible elements of the mind. Chocolate mushroom consequences are notion to paintings further to dual carriageway traffic. When someone consumes mushrooms, it lets them deviate from the roadway withinside the identical way as an automobile can deviate from the dual carriageway.

Despite the several methods wherein those medicines are probably used.

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