Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Mushroom Chocolate Bars

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Mushroom Chocolate bars are filled with superfood mushrooms that have been a part of traditional diets for thousands of years. The mushrooms used in our chocolate contain unique polysaccharides that are not found in other foods–such as the beta glucans that may help to support your immune system. Our mushroom superfoods are grown on natural, pesticide-free farms and blended into our smooth, antioxidant-rich chocolate.

Our mushroom chocolate bars are rich, decadent and full of adaptogenic mushrooms that enhance your body’s response to stress. Rather than taste or smell like mushrooms, these bars feature a bold chocolate flavor with notes of sea salt and hazelnuts. They are vegan, non-GMO and paleo friendly.

Mushroom Chocolate Bars Benefits.

Enchant your palate with our Chocolate Blend medium roast, featuring mushroom flavors like earthy and roasted. Created by our Master Blender for a delicious combination of sweet and savory, this flavor is perfect for any brew method.

the mushroom chocolate bar has a

mushroom chocolate bars
mushroom chocolate bars

smooth, earthy flavor and that is sure to delight any chocolate lover. With only a few simple ingredients, these bars are easy to make and hard to resist! These dark chocolate bars are packed with organic cacao and infused with organic lion’s mane mushroom powder for a rich, decadent taste without the sugar rush.

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Mushroom chocolate bars (also called low starch content, protein-enriched and fat-reduced) are special types of chocolate bars. The major raw material for these products is cocoa butter and coffee, being partially replaced by fats from white coffee beans and whey protein isolate, respectively. The low starch content and high protein content, along with a balanced fat profile, are the main characteristics that differentiate these products from standard chocolate bars.

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